Hi there....

Hope this isn't in the wrong place to post this, my apologises if it is but...

I'm going to be buying some kit over the net in the near future and my usual place where I order from does not stock all that I want so basically I've got to go elsewhere...obviously lol.... but as I'm googling for other stores I'm coming across some horror stories about places losing orders, guitars turning up in kit form, sending the wrong item out etc, etc.... So I'd like to know who you guys and gals buy from and would recommend.

Many thanks in advance.
I've bought from Reidys, and I'm pretty sure sites like DV247 and GAK are legit. just stick to the big names.
buy guitar gear in UK? most places seem safe. I've used Stagebeat, GAK even ebay.
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DV247 were a pain to deal with, but stick to the big names and you'll be fine.
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ive successfully used imusician.co.uk, imuso.co.uk (very good) gak.co.uk, stagebeat, ebay, reverb-store and more I cant think of
Thank you all for your replies.

I'll go and have a mooch around some of these places that have been mentioned.

Most of the aboves are pretty good and Merchant City Music and GuitarGuitar are good for ordering too.
Skeet UK is awesome, he can get WD Music parts discounted.
I've used GAK, Gear4Music, Rocking Rooster, Dolphin Music and PMT - no issues with any of them, then again I went into actual Dolphin/PMT shops rather than using the internet.
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