ok so I begun trying to grasp the concept of scales, now I started with the major scale, and lets say I would use my low E string 1st fret which would be F, now I know the W,W,H,W,W,W,H (Whole) (Half) but thats just for the E string going down the notes, but what about the other strings, I just dont get scales I need help with it, if anyone would also like to i.m me at amicone17 and wants to help me out that would be great thanks
Each major scale has that same structure for any note or string. Just google it and look on youtube and most of your answers will be easily solved

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what major... theres quite a few major, minors, etc. we talking major pentatonic scale? i like to start from the 5th, (A) and from the low E (6th string) you hit frets 5 and 8, then drop to the A (5th string) and hit frets 5 and 7,drop down to the d (4th string) hit 5 and 7, drop down to G(3rd string) hit 5 and 7, then drop down again to B(2nd string) hit 5, and 8, and drop down to e(first string, and hit 5, and 8. what i usually do for scales, is i go from a root i know, i personally like from the key of g, and the key of a. dont go through the entire 6th string scale, you need to drop down the strings and play the section thats in the same key. hope i was helpful. just an fyi, thats the major pentatonic i just typed out
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bassically every major scale has the structure TTSTTTS (tone, tone, semi-tone, tone tone tone semi-tone) or whatever you write it as, anyway thats how i learnt it, this means that whatever instrument your playing it on, that those are the notes in the scale. C major is the easiest coz its just the alphabet, let me explain:
a whole tone up from C is D, then another is to E then a semi - tone or half-step up is to F (as there is no E# note) then a tone up from F is G then another is A then another is B then another half step makes C. There you have it, a major scale! + a major scale always has 7 notes
EDIT: this works with any scale, take A major: A(T)B(T)C#(S)D(T)E(T)F#(T)G#(S)A
and you also have to work out how this transcribes onto a guitar
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