I bet £5 you will

EDIT: Sorry, I didn't click on the link

But what idiots
Hull City A.F.C

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crunkym toy diuckl;ess ass ****igkjn ****** **** bitch ass pussy ****er douchecanoe ****** **** you s omn cnt you lieet le biutch
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What the fuck?
Chinese Democracy is a great album, people need to get over Slash.

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holy scheisse is this real?

edit: i must say i lol'd at the porn site: "Shame on you! It's 9/11"
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lolworthy- classicrockboy WIN of thread.
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I lose.
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Pfft. I was jacking off while 9/11 was happening live on TV.

This is stupid...but I lol'd.

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Good thing I'm Canadian.


what a better way to remember and respect those who died than to force yourself not to pleasure yourself... wow
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not hated
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Gotta love the Onion


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I wasn't planning on touching myself for the next few days anyway.

Its the Onion, it isnt really true. People arent stopping masturbation for today
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I you for posting this.

<-- Pretty much sums me up


^ I was there
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I don't masturbate at all, so I have no problem whatsoever.

lol, u dont?? that means u DO have a problem!
I lost at like 6 in the morning. Seriously.

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I still like cho0onger more than the 2 of you

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joke's on you, i actually fuck my cat
I love the onion
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