Hi i recently got a Engl Screamer and WOW it has got awesome tones. So now i have the tones i want i need to recover some money because im now broke. Therefore i have decieded to sell i couple of pedal that have just been lying around and now definatly wont get used.

1 - Crowther Hotcake with blueberry - £85
Reviews here those of you with a great clean channel and arnt looking for metal tones or gain look here

2 - Script Phase 90 with Led - £75
this one

3 - TC Electronic Classic Booster + Distortion - £95
Those looking for a distortion pedal my advice would be to stay away, however those looking for a CLEAN boost this is perfect. The boost is as far as i can tell completly clean no deviation from the tone at all. There is a bass and treble knob so that you could use it as a basic eq or solo boost with some added treble or bass. Never found anything so transparent.

4 - TC Electronic Classic Sustain + Parametric Eq £100
Potenially the best solo boost with added sustain and mid boost availiable at the same time.

5 - Boss OS-2 Overdrive/Distortion - £25
Missing the colour knob but otherwise work perfectly
In my opinion the best boss dirt pedal ive played genuinly nice tones when blending the overdrive with a bit of distortion

6 - Electro harmonix LPB-1 £15

Pics on request
Prices Negotiable

for trades looking for a microsynth or analog delay

6 -
might be interested in the OS-2 if its still about in a few weeks.

where abouts you based?
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Near swindon
Pic coming very soon just uploading them

Where near Swindon? *Might* be interested in the linear power boost
like a village close to cirencester about 9 miles from swindon but can get there quite easily
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like a village close to cirencester about 9 miles from swindon but can get there quite easily

Hurrrm, trying to work out if that's on this side of Swindon or the opposite Not really sure what the LPB does, either..
well is basically a clean boost useful for a volume boost for solos or switching between single and humbucker which was the reason i originally got it. it can be used to overdrive a tube amp as well as it has a lot to give. i found on higher setting it added a bit of bass as well for some reason
sorry dude ive already sold the LPB-1 pending payment however if it falls though then i'll PM you
My offer on the OS-2 still stands, let me know when you're ready to close the deal.
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Free bump for ya.

Just sent the mic. Let me know when you've sent me the Crowther
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