So recently I've been listening to this album a whole lot, and I really like the guitar tones, anyone know what amps/guitars/effects/whatev are used on this album? I don't plan on buying them or anything, but I've always been curious, its a somewhat weird tone, not a whole lot of gain and way more treble then most metal, but its kind of... Spongy and dark, its hard to describe.
According to Anders, a lot of that tone came from the fact that at the time they recorded it, no one in Sweden had any idea how to record metal.

Chances are they used a solid state peavey like a lot of the swedish bands used (entombed, etc)

haha, they hate the production on that album but so many fans seem to love the guitar tone.
peavey amps and a boss metal zone, mic'd from behind the cab instead of in front
Yeah, I heard that, that the studio didn't know how to do metal tones, so it came out weird like that, but it really is a very unique tone... And I don't think most SS peavey sound like that really.. I do think its SS though. Doesn't sound like a VH140c or anything though.

EDIT: Saw the newer post, thats interesting... Sounds waaay better then most SS amps + Boss MT combos I've heard.
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