hey guys, I know this is a painful question to ask, but could someone put some names to the knobs on my bass. I know the first is the volume and I have been told that the 2/3 are part of an on board EQ and the last is a tone? is this true and if so how would I single out a pup? thanks a ton guys!
the one you call a "tone" knob is probably a pickup blend knob, so if you turn it all the way clockwise (toward the neck) then you will be soloing the neck pickup and vice versa for the bridge
Yay fibonacci!
The first one is volume, second is blend, third is bass boost, and forth is treble. it's the same for all basses in the SRX series, it also says on Ibanez website and in the manual for the bass.
I have the SRX 390, it's kinda old, but I'm sure your 500 is exactly the same. Looking down at the bass while playing, the furthest left is volume, then pickup blend (all the way clockwise = neck pickup, all the way cc is the bridge, middle is both) then you have a bass boost/cut eq, amd the furthest to the right is treble boost/cut. You have a preamp inside the bass that powers the EQ. Enjoy and experiment, you'll have loads of fun with your SRX!!!

Here is the PDF version of the original manual that comes with most, if not all Ibanez basses. It explains the knob positions as well as other helpful facts.