Hey guys, here's a tune I just finished working on. It combines a sort of blues-based groove with the flashy elements of upbeat 80s metal. (Maybe even hair metal!) I think it turned out pretty well, so let me know what you think and I'll be more than happy to critique any of your work in return.

Note: In my opinion the MIDI doesn't quite do full justice to the song, so if possible I would highly recommend you listen to it on the Guitar Pro file with RSE.
Living Easy.mid
Living Easy.gp5
Pretty good song, In my opinion you should add some variations to it but it's still a good tab.
Thanks man, I appreciate the input. No one else had anything to say though?
Lol, it's pretty 'groovy',

But i've never listened to this style of music before. I think that the guitar really makes the song, but with better drums i think it'd help.

The lead guitar really ruins the mood, i think that's almost impossible to play that fast too... (The faster parts, i mean).

The idea of the rhythm needs to be explored FAR more, it gets boring pretty fast, and has got so much potential to go anywhere really.


Is a terrible idea, particulary if they're just repeating and repeating. Unless you plan to add some intense vocals, i'd maybe give it a rest.

Keep going, but it's no where near finished