This is the first song I ever wrote that i was happy with. Meant to be slow and acoustic. Constructive criticism is welcomed.

I took a depression test today
it said that I was sane but I really don't feel it
Tylenol quells the pain
but it never does last though the needles should heal it

my emotions are tearing away
I can't stand up cause I'm afraid I might shatter
I want to stay home today
but I put on a smile and act like nothing mattered

Chorus: Oh I hate you guys but I love you
Oh I wanna break loose
but the shackles still remain
cause everyday is hell
cause I feel like slipping away
because life's not fair but I keep on living anyway

I really don't want to die
but I know that at some point it's probly gonna happen
I wonder what happens next
just be buried in the ground or sent off to satan

I bought a friends soul today
he cast it aside along with his dignity
it made me think about my life
cause if I end up in heaven he'd better be with me


the scars run deeper than skin
I either feel the pain or I feel excluded
I'm always taking the shame
I want to hit back but it'd make things complicated

I wish that I were you
because you've no idea how good you've really got it
we can't hang out today
but we haven't in a while so just come out and say it


I cry myself to sleep
I can't take it any longer I'll have to end it right away
I feel so god damn sad
it never lets up but I still care anyway

I'm sick of all the hate
I put on a mask because I can't stand the sight of me
the needles return as friends
but they jab and they taunt until the fear engulfs me


The times ahead will be hard
but if I do what I can then I'm positive I'll make it
I'll keep my friends the scars
they've taught me many things and now I know how to take it

I won't be flaunting the past
I'll keep it to myself I don't want to be a martyr


Really really sorry for the double post but I was stupid enough not to realize where I was posting it the first time.
Wow way to be a whistle blowing dick. Anyways, i liked this piece alot. In the middle I just HAD to take out my guitar and start playing it I envisioned it so easily. Most of the pieces I write I have to work a bit to write a song a bit. Good job
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