So im gettin a new guitar soon and I've been looking at schecter alot. I play mostly hard rock an metal and im lookin for a model for about $750 or less. Suggestions?
go used man you will guaranteed get a better deal than a new guitar.... look as esp also they make quality guitars for the metal musicians
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Thers some awesome deals on ebay like new schecters with like a small crack or air bubble in the paint and there so much cheaper
Well, if you want actives you could go for a Hellraiser or Blackjack ATX. If you want something more versatile you should go for the C-1 Classic, or V-1 Classic. You may hve to go slightly used on the V-1 though, mor expensive due to the Korina.
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Washburn X50 Pro or the Pro-FE model.
One comes with Seymour Duncans, the latter with EMG's.
c-1 plus and swap the pickups for active emg's, thats what i did and its my best guitar and ive owned over 20 guitars
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Floating bridge or non-floating bridge? Difference between the two are that the floating brigde can change the pitch (frequency,sound) of the string to make it sharper or flatter. If this is going to be your first guitar then i'd highly recommend you give a guitar with a floating bridge a miss as they are major pain in the arse and not very useful to a learning guitarist.
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Used Hellraiser or Blackjack ATX.

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