They look like absolutely ahmazing guitars...just where to buy other than this site. You can see the full range of guitars on this site . The les paul model in cherry sunburst looks stunning, as do most of thier guitars.
Has anyone ever owned/played one of these guitar? Any customer service, quality issues, or ang good points to them?

-Jake Blackwood
I believe their Russian guitars. Not a whole lot here in the states though.
i thought they were made in korea and inspected in italy?
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All instruments are made in Asia under rigorous quality supervision, imported in Italy, set-up by Lorenzo Brogi and then distributed worldwide.

There we go!! I have found the answer.
ive used a couple
very good guitars, very solid and sound great, not to everyones tastes but its made out of a decent chunk of wood, there are very few in the UK atm sadly.

the one i played was £400 so i dunno if this is an entry level guitar for them or mid level or even top but it was very nice, its just the pups didnt do it for me but they would do it for alot of other people
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$550 for the Rush LP type is not very exciting against a top end Agile in US or Vintage, Ellis etc., in UK.
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