Don't fail.
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Remember your geometry, do the easy problems first and come back to harder ones. Pay close attention to what the question is asking.
Good luck. I took it in June and got a 26, but I have to retake it next month.
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Don't "overthink" questions, but also don't read them too fast. Make sure you pay attention to each and every word in the question because they love to try and trick you.

I've gotta say though, I took my SATs and ACTs and did well on them, but I'm working my way towards medical school and no one has ever given a flying sh*t about them. Not the universities, the scholarship programs, the med schools, no one.

So I dunno, but good luck to ya
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Same here. Third time taking it (shooting for a 32). My advice is to regulate yourself, by that, I mean do not take too much time on problems you do not know. Also bring a watch to keep your eye on time. I lost points because I ran out of time on the Science section last year.
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just remember, in about 6 months give or take all your scores will mean nothing
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Don't be an idiot and leave your phone on, I know many people that left it on thinking they were being sneaky and then had their scores canceled because of it. And don't let it work you up to much, after all, it's just a number from 1-36, to say everyone is divided into those categories is a bit of a high statement.
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I always like to rub one out right before a test, just put a jacket over your boner and nobody will know.
You aren't penalized for guessing, so don't leave any bubbles blank and you might get a lucky answer or two on questions you don't know.

Also 34
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Get a lot of sleep, don't waste time on questions you find difficult, and fill in ALL the bubbles if you run out of time.
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Don't read all the science paragraphs before doing the problems. Read the problem then find the answer if you have to, but much of the time the answer isn't actually in them. It's just a tactic to slow you down. Also on the English portion, the simplest answer is often correct.
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