I've wanted the EHX Big Muff for about 2 years now, don't know why I never got it.
I finally decided that I would get one.
When shopping for one I came across the version with the Tone Wicker.

Since my strat is sounding darker than any other strats and my amp has a british voicing, the option of more clarity is always nice.
The one thing that I want to ask you guys: is the sound without the tone wicker the exact same thing as the original Big Muff ?

And is it possible to crank my amp and use the pedal as a boost only ?
The Tone Wicker Muff can definitely get the extra high end by bypassing the tone. It's really not meant to be a boost though.


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I didn't think it sounded quite like a normal big muff even without the wicker engaged, I felt it had a little something missing. That said if you need the versatility then for for it, its a nice pedal, just a litlte different flavor of muff
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