Hi Everyone!!
I'm doing this thing where for a year i will write one song a week and post it online on youtube, so check it out, this is the one from last week....what do you think???

Check out the video here

wakin up is hard when there is no reason to
get up and let the morning in
smashing the alarm clock against the wall
cause there's no time set when your life begins
There's no time set when your life begins

turning on the water and wash away your nightmares
clear your head it is a mess

staring at your likeness that you don't like that much
you want to crawl back in to bed
but it's no time to lay your head

All you have is you

waiting for the train, on this grey autumn morning
rubbing elbows with a one time friend

you give him a dollar he gives you a smile
and plays a song that you might

he plays a song that you might understand he sings

all you have is you

strolling by the ocean you watch your footsteps being washed up by a crashing wave
slowly disappearing until there is nothing left but memories of what could have been
Well I didnt watch the video, but i cannot see this being a song. There wasnt that much of a flow. Not much rhyming either. It was kind of like Thursdays writing style, where they just write kind of a story and make it a song, and they make it work. So ill watch the video and see how it turns out, I like what it is describing. Also, if you could take a look at the piece in my sig, thatd be great, thanks.
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