Hi Everyone,

I'm writing one song a week and put a video on youtube, I'm gonna (try) to do it for a year and i just started!! Check it out!
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I appreciate the challenge you're presenting yourself, but quality > quantity.

I disagree, putting yourself up to that kind of challenge really focuses your creativity. of course you wont make awesome songs every week, but he'll definately get a couple of kick-ass songs out of it.

TS, I suggest maybe doing it for 2 months instead of a year try it out for as long as you want, or until you have about 9 awesome songs, then go and perfect them.

voila, an album in under a year.

EDIT: oh wait, I watched your videos now. I .... really don't know what exactly you're trying to do.
so you're gonna write songs for 52 people you don't even know? are you lost for material, doing this as a promo schtick? or what's the point of having people send you their life stories?

anyways, I listened to the song "you", you definately have a good sense for melody and a kickass voice, the only thing that bothers me is that it's just acoustic guitar. you have such an awesome voice, but the instrumentalisation is really very.... meh. not that you're a bad player, but it's just very lacking.
oh damn, but on "firefly" it works well! holy **** that gave me goosebumps.

how dare you! make me feel emotions!



alright, you got me. firefly is really good, but having 52 acoustic guitar songs is gonna get pretty repetitive after a while. may I suggest perhaps experimenting with minimalistic electronica? like this:


that would be alot more interesting IMO, albeit harder to make.

tl;dr: TS took me by surprise, her music is kickass.

EDIT2: but TS, I hope you're not just gonna promote your stuff and not listen or critique anybody elses songs, because that's not really the point of this forum.
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