when i say old i mean like discontinued
ive seen lots of discontinued boss pedals that looked awesome
what pedals do you have or seen like this?
The dd-2?
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the od-1!!!!!! so awesome! opened it up and nooo digital parts. all classic.
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Check that site, it has information on pretty much every Boss product ever made.

But yeah, vintage Boss pedals (hm-2, xt-2, hr-2, ps-2/3, dm-2, dc-2, CE-1/2, vb-2, tw-1 etc.) are great, modern ones are meh.
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I have a bf-2. In my opinion, much better than the bf-3. And it's a lot cheaper. At least, I got mine used and it was super cheap.
the Slow Gear, Touch Wah and their first Compressor were all awesome pedals.
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The RV-3 is pretty popular, goes for the same price seccond hand as it's replacement does new (about £100).
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i have a boss me-5 from the 80's, got it for free 2. it was their first ever multi effects pedal. mine is super noisy though and the delay/reverb in it died so its pretty much useless haha i only use it for eq and chorus so i might get some individual pedals for those.
Not sure of the model number but the harmonist is a great pedal,gc had one in there used section a few weeks ago

I'm not gonna mention the super distortion/feedback......yikes....terrible!!!
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