Poll: What do you listen to while in the Car
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Play CD's/MP3's in car stereo
100 77%
Radio Talk Shows/News
3 2%
Radio Music
15 12%
9 7%
Nothing. Silence.
3 2%
Voters: 130.
What do you listen to while in your car. Usually I listen to talk radio or cd's. I don't like listening to music on the radio because of all the commercials and I would rather just listen to what I want to when I want to.
I listen to CD's. Lately I've been listening to a lot of "Revolver" by The Beatles.
Added a poll.

^^Yeah, I wish my stereo could play MP3's, that would be so much more convenient than burning cd's all the time.
I prefer CD's in the car as opposed to an Ipod for some reason


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Hehe Used to rock the tape deck, and only had the tapes GNRs Appetite for Destruction, the Men at Work's Business as usual, and the Blues Brothers Briefcase full of blues. Haha I was ballin
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I listen to CDs, although I could use tapes if I wanted.
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If I have no ipod connector in the car I"m riding in, then I dont listen to anything.

Except the voices.

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My car wasn't blessed with a sound system - so I made use with what was available:

This here ladies and gentlemen is my stereo. It's about the size of a large apple and sits next to me in the passengers seat. It gets about as loud as somebody whispering the tunes to you. If I really want to rock out I need to turn off my air conditioning to lessen the noise in the vehicle. Sure I have the money to buy a new sound system, but I've grown so attached to this ghetto method of listening to music in the Spirit of the '90s, that I really wouldn't have it any other way.
Just use CD's. Only use the radio for traffic/news in peak hour driving.
CDs if I've gotten some recently. Radio if I feel like hearing a variety of stuff.
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I plug my iPod into the stereo. Lately I've been diggin' me some Ben Folds Five.
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I plug my iPod into the stereo. Lately I've been diggin' me some Ben Folds Five.

they do the best covers EEVER
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i usually connect my ipod, but it doesn't charge for some lame reason so i always end up leaving it in there over night and having the battery drain, so in the end i listen to cds more often.

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CD's then I have the traffic annoucements on.
Aiming to get myself a 6CD changer next week hopefully so no more need to keep swapping CD's when I'm driving. >_>
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aux jack+zune=win. i also have a few cds that ive purchased over the years that i use when the zune goes dead and i dont feel like diggin out the charger.
CD's, Sydney radio is garbage.
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Depends If I'm bored of my music collection and/or need to know traffic, radio. Usually I plug my mp3 player into my Headunit via USB and whack it on random or use CDs
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I don't drive, and when traveling for some reason the driver hates music usually.
I sing along to Blink 182
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TalkSport or the local radio usually...

The 'music' stations generally play unbearable shite...