hey basically whats the difference between these two? i dont understand why the special is 50% more expensive, and also has anyone played this in detail, and if so can you tell me if these pups are capable of metal at all (even if i have to use pedal + amp), never got around to trying rockfield pups, ty in advance
well either way i think im heading to the regular special, for the sexy white finish with black hardware
Yea watch that triple posting. Youll be eaten alive for it around here. But go out and play both, make your own decisions.
It seems like it's just the finish, because the pickups, wood, construction and hardware are the same. The Special X has a quilted maple top, the Special has a plain finish.
Alright, thank you btw, was just wondering if there was any differences in construction etc. besides the finish and special X having nato wood not mahogany, because of those reviews.
I'm pretty sure nato is a type of mahogany eastern mahogany actually.
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