Hey. Me and my band, T.R.B., are currently looking for a keyboardist. We play anything from green day to metallica, and alot of Pink Floyd and Porcupine Tree influenced music. We're hard rock, but experimental, and want a keyboardist (or, more prefferably a synth player) to help us with that goal.

We're looking for someone who has their own equipment. Specifically, we want someone who can do synth tones (square wave and sine waves specifically, with possible run and arpeggiator capabilities (tell me if i got those terms right, haha)), strings, choir parts, piano, and hammond and church/pipe organ sounds.

We're looking for someone between 15-18, but would love someone who is 16-17. We've been around for a few years, now, and have a steadily growing fan base, and, after having several guest keyboardists, have decided it's about time that we get a full time keyboard player.

We'd also like for the person to be able to sing backup, but that's not a REQUIREMENT.

either comment on this, or contact us (by PMing me) if you're interested. We'll set up an audition date for you, which will probably run on a friday or saturday.
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