Poll: Does the weather affect what music you listen to?
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23 51%
11 24%
What is this "weather" you speak of?
11 24%
Voters: 45.
Used the searchbar, nothing came up. Title explains itself.

I noticed this today. Today is probably the first day of genuinely nice weather this area has had in months (seeing as its now spring here ), and while I was in the car today, noticed that some songs that I haven't been able to listen to recently in the colder months are now suddeny far, far more enjoyable.

So Pit, does anyone else think the weather affects what they listen to, or even just how much you enjoy certain songs?

EDIT: poll now up.
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No, but I prefer songs that I listened to quite a bit in cloudier weather to ones I listen to in the summer. That might be why I buy most of my music around Christmas time (or maybe it's a byproduct of it)
No, but it seems to effect my guitars setup. I like Boards of Canada anytime.
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I prefer to listen to softer songs when it's hot. So I guess yes.
It slightly does. It is weird to listen to to something like black metal in the middle of summer when it's over 100 hundred degrees out .
there's a few songs with summery feels to them, mostly 60s stuff. that doesn't mean I don't listen to them all year round though. The biggest effect it has is what clothes I wear while I'm playiing guitar, middle of summer it's 40C so I take off my shirt and end up with a strapmark down my back if I play for a long time
It's nice in Melbourne today, wind is a bitch though. I had Paradise City in my playlist today, seemed fitting.
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Nah, only thing that changes it is whatever mood I'm in. When I'm sad I listen to softer stuff, like right now listening to Heaven's Dead by Audioslave.
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