It's that time of year again, folks! There are only 20 spots available, so sign up quick. I'd prefer that you only sign up if you actually plan on participating throughout the season.

The draft will be on Friday September 25 at 6:30pm MT. That's 5:30pm PT and 8:30pm ET.

League ID: 146435
Password: UG
Custom League URL: http://hockey.fantasysports.yahoo.com/league/ultimateguitar
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I'm in this time. I'm Spooky Pookie.
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Oh I hate you all.

Won't be around the internet for the couple days before and after it, so I won't be able to pre-pick.
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Make the link fail less and I'll think about it. It'll give me an excuse to watch hockey

SHEdit: Never mind, I got it. My goal is to not be last. Prepare to defeat the Frozen Fail.


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I only play bots. Bots never abandon me. (´・ω・`)

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I'm in. Will definitely not be live drafting due to it being in the middle of night for me.
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I'm in. Team: Jesse&TheRippers

I should be on for the live draft, unless something comes up sometime in the next 3 hours.

Update: I will be on for part of the draft at least. I am going to a friend's house about an hour after the start time. Not sure how long it will take to draft. Hopefully not much longer than an hour, but we'll see.
live draft in one hour, i will be periodically distracted due to watching pre season hockey
I'm actually surprisingly satisfied with mine.


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I only play bots. Bots never abandon me. (´・ω・`)

I'm doing surprisingly well. 2nd place.

Most of it is probably due to Craig Anderson and Ilya Bryzgalov. One loss each, three shutouts between them...