So same idea as the one in EG, though this one may be more useful as you don't need to have an amp or pedal in your hands to feel it.

This is a centralised list of good video reviews of amps and pedals, collated from YouTube etc to save others having to sift through the 'Tube.

Key word being reviews - no product demos from manufacturers' websites, please!


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Dolphinmusic.co.uk has some nice reviews as well.
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ProGuitarShop definately have some of the best online demos.

whereas, WorldMusicSupply is epic fail.

seen their behringer demos? that guy sounds like hes had a few beers huh?
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Dolphinmusic.co.uk has some nice reviews as well.

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PGS and Gearmandude have the best review on youtube. you should just post their links.
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