I decided to quit smoking cigarettes, Pit. I'm aproaching the one year mark as I started when I was 16 and I turn 17 on Wednesday. Over the summer I smoked around half a pack a day and now with school and all it's down to 5(ish) a day. I really don't care too much about my health, truthfully, I'm just underaged and I'm sick of getting them. Used to be able to buy them from the local Tobacco shop but the owner quit and they don't sell to me anymore, now I gotta get people to buy them for me which costs more and I remember back when I used to do this that I spent literally every weekend tweeking because I couldn't get them. Not worth it. I'm going back to just sage, weed, and cigars.
Anyway, anybody got any advise for me? I'm not quitting all together, I mean, I'll still smoke if someone gives me one, and I'll probably buy a pack for partys, but still, this week is gonna suck bwahaha.
My plan is to try and just substitute sage for cigarettes as much as possible seeing as its cheap and it's not like I get a buzz from cigarettes anymore, anyway. Sage tastes better and I can do it in my room.

Quitting smoking, any advise?
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Good luck, all you really need is willpower. Having said that, I haven't been through the process of quitting.

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Stay strong, don't succumb to the nicotine addiction, be positive, be your own master!

I could probably pop out a few more useless slogans, but instead I'll just tell you that nicotine band-aids worked wonders for many people I know.

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Good luck, all you really need is willpower. Having said that, I haven't been through the process of quitting.

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enjoy your lung cancer.
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Sorry man, you're still in there

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simple, really. I find that when quitting smoking, the hardest bit to beat is the habit. you know, you're standing at a bus stop, and the bus is late, what do you do? light up a cig. but once you're out of that habit, or substitute it with something else (gum, cough drops, lollipops, LSD) you're in the clear.
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All I can say is good luck. My dad's been trying to quit for... yeah, ten years.
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Nothing but willpower man. Good luck to you.

And to that n00b on about lung cancer. STFU.
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If you’re only smoking 5 a day it won’t be that hard to quit. Try substituting cigarettes with Grey’s Anatomy or something.
i quit 10mths ago after 18yrs both nicotine and weed
you will miss them but the benefits well out weigh the craving
my advice
get the strongest patches u can n use them for 4 wks and then 2wks ov the lighter ones
put the money u save aside n use it for guitar stuff fx pedals etc
dont fear cravings they will pass in a couple of minutes i guarantee it
and remember nothin thats worth doin is ever easy
PS if u get a chance check out the flick THE INSIDER it exposes the capitalist scum who run the tobacco ind n i found it comfoertin to know i was no longer bank rollin them
and its a good flick
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Help yourself, give all your money to charity, then you can't buy any cigarettes.

Or buy some really sweet guitar or pedal with all your money.
Your just quitting cause of the cost. You'll be back. We always are. I'm enjoying one right now. I quit numerous times, for as long as 2 months. I always go back. I'll probably quit again soon, and who knows, maybe I won't come back. But I'm betting that I will.
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Try getting the book on quitting, i forgot what its called but it helps, that alone didn't stop me from smoking but it was quite wierd with me, i smoked regularly for about a year or so, but then just felt no temptation to do it while sober, really you just need to find something to undermine the importance of cigarettes, and not actually buy them, which shouldn't be too difficult for you seeing as you can't buy them yourself anyway, then the need should go away.

In saying that, i still smoke when i am having a drink, but i rarely ever smoke more than 5 in an evening.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
i struggle to quit, especially when i drink. in fact, it's near impossible to go out at night and not have a ciggy

at the moment i am trying to keep it down to "social smoking", but it always picks up
Make sure you don't fall into the trap of replacing smoking with something else, even if it's only coffee or whatever. Over consumption by anything aint nice.

Good luck, willpower has to be maximum. There WILL be times when you want to have a cigarette and all you need to do is to reach out your hand and you will get one, but those times you need to be really extra strong to stand against. For some time, a couple of months, you shouldn't place yourself in situations where you kow there's cigarettes involved. Seems radical for sure, but I belive that's what you need to do, because the urge to have one will be really strong and if you're surrounded by people that smoke the risks will go up.

Good luck man, you can do it
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