The title says it all.
I'm looking for a new OD pedal.
I need a fat boost with a lot of sustain.
I would specially use it as a booster for my allready overdiven channel.
I now have a fender tele with humbucker i bridge and a hughes and kettner tube 50 head + greenback cab.
I'm willing to go ues, but here in belgium it's hard to find decent pedals used, so if you recommend a used pedal, make sure it's easy to find.

how about:
- ehx english muffin'?
- ibanez tubescreamer?
- ibanez tubeking?

any other suggestions?

I don't really know about voicing, I don't really wan't a british or american voiced OD.
I really like the sound of baroness, tool, isis, cult of luna, mastodon
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want a fat boost you say?

Fulltone Fat Boost.

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want a fat boost you say?

Fulltone Fat Boost.

Isn't it a little overpriced?
Fulltone OCD?

TBH, I have no idea how it really sounds. So, it's a wildcard really.
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^ It sounds like an overdriven Marshall.
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The English Muff'n is a wonderful OD.


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