Alright, this is the solo section of my song "Geist" from my upcoming album about the end of the world (songs "the end is near" and "Kalium" on my profile are also from the album). I recorded it using my 8-string Agile guitar and Toneport UX1.
There are two layers of clean guitars and two layers of overdriven 8-string chugging that have upper frequencies cut off and are buried in the mix, the plan is to have the chugging guitars under the clean parts of the song until the outro, where the whole thing explodes. it's so awesome that I won't post the whole song until the album is finished
but since I wanted some feedback on the solo, here it is.
crit 4 crit as always
Yo I checked out your solo and that is awesome. It has a really nice feel too it and I love the tone.

Kalium was pretty sweet too. Awesome tone and leads. Not to put you down or anything ,but the singing isn't really my style but it is still great. keep it up man