Alright so I'm looking for a guitar with a thin maple neck that is set-thru. I'll be using it primarily for shred stuff and what not. Shapewise doesn'nt matter, doesn't matter if it has a fixed or floating bridge either. Any recommendations?
Ibanez RG prestiges have super thin neck that are thru necks. I dont know why you need a set thru, thru necks have better access, and are more common.
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The shape of the neck should affect your decision more that the wood or any other factor, should it not? After all, even if you found a guitar that met all your specs, it might feel totally wrong because it's too fat/thin in the neck. Do you need a set-thru maple neck?
Thanks for the recommendation guys, will check out some Ibanez models
Though I was under the impression most Ibanez have a bolt-on construction?
Edit: The reason I wanted a maple neck that is set-thru is because I usually have trouble accessing the higher frets with a bolt-on construction due to the large heel. I also prefer maple necks as I don't really like the feel of rosewood fretboards and the fact that they need oiling once in awhile.
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Budget? And you mentioned you don't like rosewood fretboards so you want either a maple fretboard or an ebony fretboard? If so that rules out a fair amount of guitars tbh. You could check out the Michael Kelly Hex Deluxe or the BC Rich ASM Pro although both come with active pickups which you may not like.