Okay, so here's some newer stuff. It's much different than my other songs as they are a lot slower and not as technical. I tried to re-evaluate my style and decided to go for a more memorable approach to writing these two.

These were going to continue the concept, but I'm afraid I'm gonna have to stop writing for awhile due to a lack of creativity. Hopefully when I'm not too busy, I can get back on the horse soon.

Until then, here's two new tracks. Hopefully I can pick back up on it soon.
Please be honest and tough crits are much appreciated.
The more you write the more I write in return.
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I really enjoyed this. I don't have anything to say that's negative, except possibly the song did drag out a little too long. I found it hard to keep listening throughout the verses. This, of course would be fine with singing on the recording.. It's always hard to get the right feel through GP. I would love to hear a recorded version with vocals, excellent job.

Take care