Ive been playing for five years now. In those five years ive accelerated and decelerated. For a long time guitar was a pain in the ass, despite how hard i worked and my willingness to learn. THEN, i found the way that many people learn early on that makes you a better player. Playing by Ear, ear training, whatever you wanna call it.

I never realized how playing everything you wanna learn by ear is so beneficial. Its like i have relearned the instrument, and i cant believe how quickly my playing has gotten better in just a few months. I know a good chunk of theory, enough to get me by, but i never realized using your ear solely would connect the bridge between theory and feeling.

So what is my method of ear playing? Simple really, all i do is sit down with my guitar next to my Stereo. Flip the radio on, and start trying to play along to every song that comes on. I sometimes switch it up, pop, punk, rock, Genres i have no interest in. But it helps, because i am expanding my brain in so many ways. Not that i learn the whole song in just that one shot, but because i identify the key aspects of the song(No pun intended) I get a better feel for it, and the next time i do listen to the song to really learn it, i nail it.

Its a pretty obvious way to play, but playing random songs one by one IMO is a great way to build your endurance for picking out keys and notes, and help you do it a lot quicker, which is a plus if your on stage.

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Indeed, ear training is very beneficial. The radio thing is a great way to expand your mind. Keep it up, God bless you man.
I do that sometimes, too. If I happen to be playing and a song comes on TV or radio in the next room, I try to pick out chords, vocal melodies, guitar parts, whatever is there, by ear. It is really helpful
i think i may try this. thank you sir
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Its really a great method of practice, and it really keeps you on your toes. My library of songs i know has expanded so much!

And the more theory you know that you can actually apply, the better you are.
I've been wanting to do this, however, everytime I sit down and try to learn a song by ear, I either freeze up and can't do anything, or I don't know where to start with it.

So I guess what I'm saying, so anyone whose willing to try your method, maybe post some of the songs you tried first, even if they were just on the radio.
I feel like I might be able to do intervals and get things to sound right, but I don't think I'd be getting the actual notes right (Like C Major or D Minor).

I think I will have to start doing this just because it sounds fun. I remember making a post a couple months ago maybe saying that there is no way I could play anything by ear at that time. I suppose that means I've gotten better because I feel like I could do it (at least somewhat) now.
As much as i want to be able to do this i find it too difficult to tell which notes are being played except the obvious chords like C,G,D ect, any tips on how to improve on that?
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One thing I've been doing lately which is helping my ear, is that I'll take 5 minutes near the beginning of my practice and do nothing but bends. I'll do things like pick a little rhythmic pattern on an unbent note, then shift down a couple of frets and play the same pattern except bending the first note up to the previous pitch, with lots of attention paid to matching the pitch exactly. Other times I'll vibrato an unbent note, then shift down, bend up and try to match the rhythm and sound of the vibrato on the bent note. And I'll experiment with different speeds and attacks on the bent notes.
It's a lot of fun, and find it really tunes my ear for the rest of my practice.
Yeah learning by ear is great, I'm self taught and I have always done it except when I first started teaching my self the guitar if something was difficult.
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To some of the above posters, i still have the same issue. In fact very few people can hear a note and pick it out of the air and be correct. A lot of it is trial and error, if it sounds like its where the note you think it is on the neck, try it, youve clearly nothing to lose. The more you do it the more you will start to reconize the distinct characteristics of each note, the key, and the common chords you use in that key.

If i gave you specific songs to practice it would probably completely defeat the purpose of the exercise. But as i know its tough starting out, the simpler the better, ACDC songs are great for begginners training there ears. Ive learned 90% of the ACDC catalog because of this.
im starting to learn some songs that my band wants to play by ear now too. It gets easier every time you do it.
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The problem i have when i try to learn a song by ear is i got lost a few notes in straight away, and then i think stuff it and go and look at a tab for it. i feel bad but i just get lost so easily. i can get the rhythm sections of some songs, but thats not what i want. i want to learn to play fingerstyle by ear, but like i said i get lost straight away.

anyone to help?
My ears been getting better and I have sat down and figured a few songs out by ear. Thank god because I've been playing for 8 years and I just started really training my ear recently, but playing for so long has definately helped me pick up things much quicker. (Like learning theory and training my ear to recognize intervals)

I need to start doing your method of playing by the radio though, seems like that would help me out even more.
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Im taking guitar class in school and we're starting in ear training right now, which is awsome because I probably wouldnt do it on my own
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