So we've made 2 new songs(still bad recording quality and no singing)
and we want to know what you guys think.
Keep in mind that they're not finished at all and that's one of the first times we played them.
We need advice on the quality of the riffs, the order in which they should be played,
whether a new riff should be loud or quiet, etc.
The drummer apologizes for all the mess-ups he made, he was improvising.

Songs are in profile.

And C4C as always!
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Hi. So first of all, you should know I have little experience or expertise with bands. But in honor of C4C, I will give my opinion as a regular, casual listener.

When I listened to Spoink, the drums did feel a little awkward - probably for the reason you mentioned above. And this is problem common to me also, but tempos felt inconsistent in general and between band members. For example the guitar and bass would line up but would slowly come out of time with each other.

For "Just a Jam" I like it a little better. It just sounds nicer to me (based on personal musical taste). There were more time errors, especially around the 1-minute mark. But the band compensated and recovered.

Overall I enjoyed both tunes.
Yeah the timing is off sometimes , We have that problem a lot, probably because we are all beginners and because we haven't practised these songs enough yet so sometimes one of us didn't know what part to play now.
Thanks for the crit!
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spoink is very promising, guitar tones are quite good, and alot of the actual riffs are quite good. so generally, you've done a nice job here (Y)
i listend to slow jam. i was thinking this was gona be some metal crap stuff, but this was great. very cetchy. it has a very real feel to it. raw but good. some timing but otherwise i think it was perfect. with vocals this would be a great song. at least in my eyes. nice one man.

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I lisented to a couple of songs on your profile and its pertty good stuff, like chasepalmer, I was expecting some death metal wanna be crap. But its actually pertty cool. Your timing was off a bit, and the bass was much too loud in the mix, it overpowered everything, including the drums. So I would just try to even out your mix and pratice pratice pratice.

Thanks for the crit btw.
Its pretty good stuff, not really my style, but would definately be catchy in a song format with vocals, its something I could happily dance along to at a gig with some drinks and friends.

It's probably a little repetitive in its current format, and the drums are a bit loud (otherwise I probably wouldnt notice when its out of time) but its good they are kept interesting and not just some boring repeated patern,

expanding the lead lines in Spoink would be cool I think, I like the prominence of the bass line in spoink and 'rough basic', and the drums touch on a solo at the end or rough basic but kinda wooss out before it gets extreme, may be may that a bit longer and go nuts? lol

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Listened to Spoink.

Pretty cool song, I like the idea. The riffs are cool, but overall the song just felt kinda boring. A vocalist would help that, but I think you could add more riffs to the song. Other than that and the few mistakes here and there, it's a pretty good idea, just work at it more.