Theres the guitar ive been looking at, still have to try it out but from the specs and what not do you guys think its a decent guitar?I play mostly metal and some hard rock, and would really like the 24 frets and no FR

O and how long typically would the emg's last, the battery of course. And would EMG's sound any good through a peavey vypyr?
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if you want to spend that much on your second guitar then fair enough...

looks like a decent guitar, not my thing really but I've played similar models and found them to be good
What amp have you got? Budget? Have you tried the hard-tail ibanez RG?
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if u only have a vypyr, id suggest getting a new amp first. a new guitar wont sound that much different.

emg batteries last about 6 months with typical playing time, i think.
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What amp have you got? Budget? Have you tried the hard-tail ibanez RG?

good point, the Fixed Bridge RG's are brilliant
Ok well i just got the vyper new, so im not getting a new amp. And this is Canadian dollars, not USD. If you guys dont think its a good guitar than from that site, which others would you guys recommend for under 1000$
I think it is a pretty good guitar, and looks pretty cool especially for a second guitar. Make sure you try it out first if you can though.
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bump, would like some other suggestions for guitars if you guys dont like the V