I have a red and white cable that has a 1/8 inch end, so I can plug it in to my computer. Not sure where it came from, though.
ya, get a 1/8" stereo (headphone) to dual mono rca connector. then plug it into the line in (not mic. if your computer has only one, go into the windows mixer and select line input.) and plug the other end into the tape out on your mixer.

personally i would look for some kind of recording interface. like a presonus audiobox usb. 130 bucks. or for around 300 the firewire version. check em out

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Definitely get an interface, a UCA202 will do (hook it up to the tape in/outs on the mixer).
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so should i get rid of the mixer and get the presonus, or keep the mixer and buy the UCA202?

i have a 14 day policy so i gotta decide quick. thanx for the help.
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how do i hook one of these up to my computer so i can record? i was told i need the red and white cables, but my computer doesnt have the inputs for those. they also dont have the larger cable inputs.

where can i ind this stuff?

Alothough mixers have their place in a studio, IMO they should not be used in a home studio for small setups.

In your case, you would need to run that mixer into an audio interface card such as the M-Audio 2496 PCI to keep latency low and playback up to speed if multi-tracking.
The problem comes with the mixer, they do what they are named after...which is mix all inputs down to a single stereo track. Some offer sub outs but now this little guy.

I suggest keeping away from the mixer and simply going "Mixerless" with an audio interface that offers XLR inputs and preamps for mics/instruments. PreSonus makes a few starting around $200 however if you want to go lower look at the EMU 0202 and EMU 0404 USB 2.0 units.

Tweak's Guide is a great thing to read over and should have you starting off correctly.