So far I've written the trumpet and guitar for this song. It's going to be performed by my band Mayor Iguana. Any input is appreciated. We're punk-rock, so it's meant to be particularly short. When we perform it we might chose to extend it from :50 to 1:30. Tell me what you think.
Hi, I'd love to honor your C4C but I do not have powertab software (as many others may not either). Perhaps uploading in text form would give you more responses.

I have experience reading sheet music also, so I could help critique the trumpet part (if it is included).
Hmm I guess I'll just post a video of my band playing it in a few days. Our drummer's arm is in a cast, but we could play it to a drum track. That will sound better anyway.
Thanks for the crit on mine - I'd love to crit yours since I'm a big fan of ska/punk, but I don't have powertab software either. Please let me know when you get the video up (PM me or something) and I'll be happy to check it out.