Well, I wrote this the last few days, was kinda fun
I'm not sure if I should keep the solo in I don't think it's very good..
I watched death proof 3 times in 2 days so lyrics are probably about that movie
Crit for crit, for sure.
edit: changed the solo i little bit and put the chorus+solo in 3/4 and tried some different things on the "playin around the the girls thing" section
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The "just playin' around with the girls" parts are awful, because the rhythm of the vocals is so off. It's like you're trying to do that one little bit in 3/4 and it kills the flow.

Other than that, I quite like it. It's got an interesting feel to it.

Edit - Actually, a few parts sound like they're in 3/4 as opposed to 6/8, particularly the chorus and solo.
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well okay it sounds a bit off but when u really play it it becomes more human, because i sung it when i wrote it so it must be kinda normal, just sounds stupid in gp^^
6/7? there is no rhythm like that u mean 7/8 i guess, well i dont like rhythm changes but i like it when the solo goes its own way if u know what i mean
im gonna crit back tommorrow im too drunk right now
edit: thanks anyway! i forgot that
edit2: ah now i see what u mean.. yeah i will probably have that fixed
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