You can jam along to anything, even just improv on your own, although it's not quite the same.

But have your seriously gone three years without jamming?! I've only been playing 4 years and I have already been jamming for 3 years.
Just put on Listen to the Music by the Doobie Brothers, and play along in E major pentatonic and E Ionian.
Do you know any scales? I think what you mean by jamming is improvising, so just improvise around those scales.

and what have you been doing these three years?

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Well, I have learned some songs from metallica and other bands.

So, which are the main scales ?
Minor pentatonic scale is a rock guitarist's bread and butter.

Have somene else play simple chords, while you play a scale over top.

Person 1- Am C G D
Person 2- Am pentatonic scale

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Haha. UG's Chuck just said chuck. haha
You're not truly playing guitar unless you know theory.
Quote by jc349
Person 1- Am C G D
Person 2- Am pentatonic scale

So Person 2 don't need to play C G or D scales ?