I'm trying to mic my acoustic and it seems that from A2-C3 get picked up at a 10db difference than the rest of the notes I pick.

Every note is about -31db from line level, except that string of notes. That string is in the -20s with B2 hitting -20db. Any idea why this is? And furthermore, it only happens on the A string... Pick those notes on the Low-E, and they stay the same level as the rest.

And yes, I know, I have to bring the guitar up while recording.. I'm not too concerned with that until I figure out why these notes are booming, as it's keeping me from being able to level the recording.

You can also hear it sitting here playing the guitar; you can hear that those notes are louder and resonate more. Is there any way to EQ around this? I've tried and can't get it down at all.
my first thought is to just move the mic around till you find the right spot. a little bit goes a long way with positioning a mic.
I've moved the mic a ton, it doesn't matter where it's pointed... I'm gonna try changing the strings to see if that alleviates the problem, as they are the strings that came on the guitar(still brand new, but who knows what those strings were like when installed).
If you sit somewhere else in the room, does the boominess move pitches or disappear?