My friend recently bought an audio interface, so we tried recording some stuff yesterday. Drums sounded fine, as well as bass and vocals. But when it came to the electric guitar, it sounded really...flat and lifeless. We tried a few different ways of recording it, but we still couldn't find that sound we wanted. This is what we did: I plugged my guitar into my distortion pedal, and then that into the interface. Am I doing this wrong? We also tried using a multi-effect pedal instead of the single-effect one. This is our equipment:

Guitar - Epiphone SG
Distortion Pedal - BOSS DS-1
Interface - Yamaha Audiogram 6
Program - Cubase AI 4

I suggested to my friend that we could try to put a mic in front of the guitar amp and try picking up the sound like that. What do you think? If there are any details that I left out, please feel free to ask me.
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a mic'd amp will sound better 95% of the time. unless you're amp's a spider or mg or something similar.

also try doubling up all your takes and pan them out hard left and hard right.
The problem with guitar-pedal-pc is that there's no amp. Amps are what make a guitar's sound.

I'd try with the mic (unless, like sandy said, you're using an mg). Don't stick the thing right in the middle of the speaker cone, move it around a little until you get a good sound.
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