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Do any of you guys find yourselves whenever picking up a guitar playing a certain riff? Whenever I try out a guitar or play at all I always at some point will play the intro riff to My Fork In The Road by Atreyu (amazingly fun to play, and certain points beg for more vibrato than the original recording).
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Good Morning, Black Coffee?
one riff from a song i wrote is so ****in catchy that i always play it. Also, riffs from Better Living Through Catastrophe, With A Thousand Words to Say But One, Hourglass, a bunch...

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I've been playing Unto Others by At the Gates and Peace Train by Cat Stevens when I pick it up. Great combination amirite?
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whenever i pick up an acoustic i tend to play about a girl for some
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Depends on what mine's currently tuned. Usually if it's in standard I'll end up playing the chorus of Sanitarium.
Angels don't kill - Children of bodom or many metallica riffs such as the fast riff in Ride the lightning song
the unforgiven and wherever i may roam, those are like my two favourite songs to play right now... and when i pick up my drop d guitar it'll be slither and all nightmare long, since those are the only two in drop d i know lol...
Same here. Always the same two/three riffs from a few songs I wrote.
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The beginning of Yellow Ledbetter (Pearl Jam) and verse of Got Me Wrong (Alice In Chains). Both quite catchy, I believe...
I find that HammerFall's Legacy of Kings opening riff recurs often.

On my 7-string it's always the opening riff for Tomorrow Belongs To Nobody by Carcass.
Number of the beast/ Trooper/ Cemetery Gates/ Crazy Train
totally random but are the songs i like the most that i can play
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I start doing some offbeat open-string chords, which leads to some Buddy Guy - Mary Had a Little Lamb or Rory Gallagher - Secret agent, or La Grange... It leads to a lot of stuff actually. I base what set I'll practice on what song i go to- either Classic Rock, Shred or Blues.

Usually the chords turn into Hendrix's Voodoo Child outro.
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I usually play some bmth riifs or some riffs that i've made. though it's mostly things I've made i play

oh yeah I'm playing the sulfur alot as well
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Usually the main riff to Master of Puppets or April Ethereal as of late.
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I usually do a sweepy thing I came up with years ago. I know how it should sound and it tells me faster than anything else if the guitar is in tune.
Then as often as not I do the break from BADGE which helps get the fingers loose.
I pick up my guitar and play
Just like Yesterday

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As soon as I've plugged in I just love to rip Kickstart my Heart by Motley Crue.
The River Dragon Has Come by Nevermore is the first thing I play every time I plug in my 8-string

At guitar stores when I'm trying out stuff, I'll tend to play my stuff..
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I usually can't pick up a guitar without playing Open Your Heart by Crush 40, just glad that it's a riff that everyone seems to love, or at least manages to stir up some feelings of childhood nostalgia
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Intro to Lecia by The Faceless, Glassgow Kiss by John Petrucci, or the breakdown riff from Coluraphobia (A) by BTBAM.
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Johnny B. Goode, I love the way that song starts...
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Depends on what mine's currently tuned. Usually if it's in standard I'll end up playing the chorus of Sanitarium.

****, thats me. lol. also intro to master of puppets. if i pick up an acoustic its the acoustic riff for 21 Guns by Greenday

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Fire of Heart, Technical Difficulties intro /2nd part, some chord/arpeggio riffs & licks I came up with, etc etc.

Oh, and lately I find myself playing (or trying to play) parts off of resolution, electric gypsy and Norwegian Cowbell.
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On Electric, I always seem to play One Last Breath intro my Creed, no idea why. And on Guitar, not matter what I always seem to revert back to the same 2 or 3 songs. Bat Country, The Master of Puppets interludes and solo, or a riff I wrote.
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Usually the intro riff to Master of Puppets, a couple of riffs from Jack by Iced Earth, and All In The Name Of... by Motley Crue.
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Sex pistols - no feelings

so simple, so rocky.
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Number of the beast/ Trooper/ Cemetery Gates/ Crazy Train
totally random but are the songs i like the most that i can play


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In your own sweet way. Its a jazz tune by dave brubeck. Wes Montgomery did a cover, so i use those chords but i swing it harder like miles davis does in his cover.
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Crank the Mids
Plug in Baby by Muse

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Countdown to Exctinction by Megadeth.
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I usually play a minor scale of somesort, and depending what key its in will determine what riff wil come to me
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