Hey guys,

I'm currently busy working my 5 string sweeps, but I'm not sure what left hand fingers I need to use for this sweep pattern.

Mainly the 2 9's are bothering me, right now I use these fingers ;

7 : index
10 : pink
9 : ring
9 : pink
8 : middle
7 : index

is this really the best way to do it?

*edit* also kudos to the person that recognizes the song :p
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Both 9's should be done using your ring barred across both frets thats how it should be apart from that your right
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That could be the intro to Alaska by between the buried and me, but there are so many songs with that arpeggio that no one can know for sure. I find the best way to do that shape is to roll the ring finger, and make it play the 2 9's instead of the ring and pinky. Try it out, it works better for me that way.
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Looks good but I'd hit the 9 with my ring finger by rolling it to the next string. It just helps keep your pinky finger available for other notes.
It's impossible to know what song it is as that is a really common shape. And as everyone said you should roll your finger over the two "9's".
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Roll the finger, it'll save you a headache. And fingerache. It's also a fairly common shape.
7 = pointer
10 = pinky
both 9's = ring
8 = middle
7= pointer

thats pretty easy to play too.
muse-ik gets the kudos for guessing the song, it's the first sweep of the intro of alaska :p

Anyway at the moment it's pretty hard for me to get that 2nd 9 clean , does my ring finger has to be perfectly horizontal with the frets or can it be a bit off?

Right now I hit the first 9 with the top of my finger, and the second one with the lower part near the first "conjoint" , but that makes the second 9 sometimes sound muted.

*edit* and do I have to do the same movement when I play this arpeggio from high back to low?
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Thats an Em arpeggio

both 9s with ring finger
8 - second
7 index
I do it like everyone above, rolling over both 9's.
But if you can't really bend your ringfinger, I guess you can use you ringfinger and then your pinky. or first your middle and then your ringfinger. Whatever feels most comfortable.
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