hi guys, i'm looking into buying a muti-effects processor, for recording and gigging with.
so i was doing some research and found that ME-50 has the metal zone stomp-box built in. so i thought awesome and presumed that the ME-70 would have it as well, however under distortion it only has a metal pre-set????
it that the metal zone???

oh and also please tell me other products with are good for metal thanks =]
what amp do you have?
waht is your budget?
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Only get the ME-50 or ME-70 if you need a multi-effects, if you're only gonna use some delay, chorus and the metal stompbox, you're better off buying separate pedals for each effect. Why? Sound quality and control over each effect is better, plus multi-effects are digital, whereas you could get analog single pedals. Seriously reconsider, I didn't and I wound up with an ME-50 I want to sell. As for the ME-70, I don't know if it's the same distortion model.


the metal zone is a crap pedal anyway. It just buzzes and has no bite or thickness, even at low distortion levels. Also, with multi-effects, there's a lot of crap in there that you would never normally use. Choose what effects you will realistically use and buy individual stomp boxes like Zoso said. But definitely try the metal zone before you buy it. If you have any ear at all you'll realise it's dump.
thanks for the tips guys im running through a peavey bandit 112 100 watt at the moment im an intermediate player and is influenced by bands like machine head and lamb of god thanks for the tips anymore?
^Save up for a tube amplifier if you want to enhance your tone greatly. Proceed with effects from there.
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