Both songs are in my profile, as "Le Puesta De Sol" (instrumental) and "Acoustic Concept"(w/ lyrics). I wrote these both this week, and I'm just looking for some thoughts. I'm not comfortable with songwriting yet, so anything you can tell me would be helpful.

Oh, and I'll crit whatever you throw at me

P.S. You might need to crank the volume up though, as both of them are annoyingly soft for some reason. Thanks in advance

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Wow "Le Puesta De Sol" is very cool. Overall it is awesome, except one thing just bothered me. During those hard strums (like at 1:30) it's inconsistent. I don't know if it's intended or not. I mean sometimes I hear 3 quick strums, and the only two strums, and then 4 or 5 strums. I think it would sound better with the same strength/volume, but with a slower up-down-up-down-up

"Rough Acoustic Idea"
Sounds good overall. Not much to say about the guitar, you proved yourself in the first one.

But I gotta come out and say it: I don't like the verses when you are singing softly! The chorus rocks. Your voice, I think like mine also, is just too rugged. Not a problem though.

To get it, I suggest you should really focusing on opening the throat so the sound comes out as clearly as possible. Pretend you're doing some sensual whispering. That's my opinion. Nice work.
I liked Le Puesta de sol... had some cool leads and when the bass comes in it pulls everything together. But I agree with what ybot said about the inconsistent strumming at the one part.
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Le Puesta De Sol is really cool, I like the whole vibe of it. I think some hand drums would totally kick it to another level. I don't think I would listen to an entire album like this but as a section of a song I would love it.
wow, really nice guitar tones on "Le Puesta De Sol", sorta like a thom yorke strumming pattern and tone, which i like very much. Also, some degree of spanish influence i'm guessing, what with the name & such :P

Good job