Im not sure if this is the right place to be posting this and so if not please move to the relevant place.

I shall try and keep this as short as possible as I do have many questions Im seeking answers for.

Basically, Ive had alot of vocal lessons but never actually used a microphone up until about a month ago.

I have had three sessions at a local rehearsal room on my own and I am having various newbie issues with microphone use.

The mic I am using is suppled by the rehearsal place. It is a JTS CX 07S. I cant seem to find any reviews on it, only price, of which it appears to be very cheap.

Anyway, my main issue amongst many others and if anyone is kind enough to respond to this I may well ask a few other questions.

Anyhow, so when Im playing cleanish guitar and singing, things sound ok, not great. Maybe its the mic, its probably me and my inexperience but regardless when I hit distortion it all goes wrong. My voice just doesnt seem to get through and although Im not 100% sure all the levels are right, it just seems like the part I have written with guitar distortion doesnt seem to work, I really dont understand as to why this can be unless it is the volume levels of the amp and mic. I mainly write all my songs clean to begin with.

Any advice please.

Your distortion may be to cranked. Or just sing louder, as the distortion kicks in it is making the song more exciting and loud so do the same with your voice. Dynamics are key.
Wait what are you putting the mic through? If you're putting it into the guitar amp it could just be that the speaker is having trouble playing the two together. Otherwise can you turn down the volume of the distortion channel? Distortion sounds naturally louder (even if the volume level is technically the same).
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The mic is going through the pa and the guitar just through the amp, no pa.
The PAs they provide in practice places are usually very underpowered for a full band - it can be quite daunting if you're not used to singing without a monitor.

Obvious answer - turn your guitar down.
Thanks for all the responses so far. Its very much appreciated.

Another question which may be plainly obvious but perhaps hasnt dawned on me yet is: Is it best to have the pa facing toward me than it to be behind me.

Let me try and explain that a bit better. Basically the pa is in the upper right hand corner of the room and so i have been placing the guitar amp behind me say about a meter and a half and then facing toward the pa which is say 2 meters in front of me.

Ive tried it the other way round and ive tried it in the sense where by one ear is getting the pa and the other ear is getting the amp.

The way im doing it seems to work best but was wondering what other peoples thoughts were ?
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