Yes, I have a spider 3. I was young and foolish when I got it. My budget isn't very high right now, as I'm saving up for a better guitar and a better amp, but will a tubescreamer still sound good through a spider? Being a modelling amp, and all.

Also, since I'm new to the whole pedal thing (never had one before), would you usually use a distortion pedal while on a high-gain setting or low-gain setting on your amp?

Sorry for the noobish question.
i have that setup haha i'm saving up for a real nice amp right now and i have a 75 watt spider 3 with the old reissue tube screamer. its not the best sound but i works it sounds fine tube screamers are way better on tube amps though hence the name tube screamer but it really doesn't matter what amp you have or are going to get a tube screamer is a great buy no matter what.
no, tube screamers (while they can be used on solid states) generally sound better in tube amps for one, and i've found that using distortion/overdrive pedals through a spider sounds absolutely horrible. Better just using the onboard distortion.

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No, it won't drive/boost the amplifier like it would in the case of a tube amp.
Just keep saving up in my opinion.
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what kind of spider you have?


but okay, thanks everyone. i'll wait and save.
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then sell the amp and get a good tube amp

What would you recommend? I play metal and hard rock. Little else really.

(selling my amp would be rather pointless, as I'd hardly get anything for it. they're selling for about £50 new, so i'd get maybe £30 if i was lucky.)
i've heard from a few people that the ht-5 isn't best suited for the heavier sounds of metal, is that just a matter of preference or is it slightly lacking? what would a tubescreamer sound like through it?
A tube screamer will make any tube amp sound better....

Save for a tube amp...the blackstar or whatever will be an improvement for you...just think,save up for a tube amp and you may never have 2 worry about buying an amp again
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Check out randy dobsons underground ,tell me what you think
it will sound like a tube screamer. Might mask the crappy clean tone
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A Tubescreamer into a Spider is the equivalent of a gold ring around a turd.