Hey everyone, knew to the forum but long time on the site for tabs

Well Iwas just wondering how I can clean up my guitar and all the residue left on the neck from using it alot.

I know there are cleaners out there but cant get them any time soon here.

Would I just clean it with a moist towel with water? I dont want to damage anything.
Its not dirty but you can feel that its been used a bit.
Actually it depends entirely on what type of neck it is. Lemon oil and various polishes can be disastrous for some necks.

What species of wood is the neck back and the fretboard made from and what's the finish on the neck like? Unless we know these, nobody can tell you how to clean the neck properly.
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Oh crap, I really have no clue but ill have a look around and come back with the awser.
Alright well looking at the newer models of my guitar, the Gax 70, the neck and fretboard seem exactly the same colour and look. Maple neck with a rosewood Fretboard.
Lemon Oil if your fretboard is rosewood or ebony.
DO NOT USE PINE SOL. Pledge is semi-ok, but just buying a 4-5 dollar bottle of oil is a lot safer.

Then Grade 0000 Steel wool to get the dirt out. Just be careful, don't press too hard.

If you have a maple board: They sell another solution called "fretboard conditioner" at my GC specificly for finished fretboards. (aka. Maple) LEMON OIL WILL RUIN MAPLE FRETBOARDS.

Sinice there is a smooth finish on maple boards, you shouldn't need to use the steel wool to get the dirt out of the pores, just wipe it away.
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Ah sorry, I meant that the Neck and Fretboard are the same look as on my guitar, not to eachother.

Well thanks for the help. Ill try getting some lemon oil tommorow if I can. So for the Maple neck, do I use the fretboard conditioner since you say the lemon oil will ruin the maple fretboard?

Thanks again.

BTW that pressure washer may need to be used on my 20+ year old acoustic haha
The answer to your question is very carful****ingly.

but seriously, motor oil or olive oil works. if you have a non finished one or you don't care about the finish on your fretboard, steel wool does the trick, but don't be a dumbass, like me..........AND DO IT VERY CARFUL****INGLY. Really the best thing to use is the cheapest and nobody ever uses it. IT'S CALLED ****ING ELBOW GREASE. And no that's not a type of lube.