I've been playing guitar for a little over 8 months now and I've probably gotten a good three or four hundred hours of practice. I find that my skill is improving, but I'm not really making any progress on learning new material. I guess I need help finding tabs to fit me. Can anyone help?

I can play: Dammit by Blink-182, I Want You Bad and (Can't Get My) Head Around You [modified solo because I can't pick that fast] by The Offspring, This Secret Ninja by AFI, Aerith's Theme by Nobuo Uematsu and Winter Wonderland.

I've been working on (but not entirely successfully): La Bamba by Los lobos (I got the melody down, but when it comes time to play REAL chords I just can't play it yet). Jessica by the Allman Brothers (I can get through the first lick or so, but after that I can't pick up the pattern), chorus to the Cliffs of Dover, Reptilia's verse and chorus (solo attempts ended horribly >_>, House of Wolves by MCR (two guitars keeps throwing me off and the actual riffs suck really bad), and Pawn Shop by Sublime (I got the first solo down - and therefore most of the other two - but it's really hard to mimic their style and I'm not fast enough to switch between the two guitars).

I really need help finding guitar tabs that fit that fit my style of listening that isn't too immensely difficult to understand. Everytime I run into a tab I face extreme difficulty understanding the patterns or the part is simply out of my skill level. Can someone suggest a tab or two that's actually in range of my playing skill that is actually fun to play? I'm gonna go nuts if I keep this up.
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*bump* okay... maybe I was being a little weird. I need help finding a song that I WANT to play. I feel like playing an off beat, melodic song. I've been looking into a lot of things lately like Don't Speak by No Doubt, and Sublime. I want something sharp. The problem is that I really suck when it comes to chords - except the Powerchords, I'm rock at them. Can someone help me find a song? Please.
personally i dont rely on tabs

pull the songs into programs such as Audacity and change the speed. Figure it out by ear. in Audacity you can actually split the stereo tracks (left/right) and sometimes separate both guitars (1/2, etc)

if your having problems learning theory, check out the UG Lessons. they helped me tremendously.
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