Poll: For you, which string breaks the most?
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View poll results: For you, which string breaks the most?
Thin E
58 55%
Thin B
8 8%
20 19%
7 7%
4 4%
Thick E
6 6%
Thick B
2 2%
Voters: 105.
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For me, it's the B.

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B and D
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My low E hasn't broken since I GOT my les paul.

I write songs.
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the only string i've ever broken was my low E, once.
i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.
Broken the G a good few times.
Broke the low E once whilst proper giving it some in drop D.
Broken the high E a couple times.
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i've broken my thin e once in my life.
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My G is always breaking... mostly probably because I think I'm Steve Vai and I lift up a G harmonic in the air with my bar.
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i've only ever broken the A string while actually playing a guitar.
while stringing a guitar i've broken them all but mainly the high E ^_^

Wound Gs are a bastard to tune when restringing.
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depends on the guitar. on my les paul its the low E, however on my double neck it's the G harmony string on the 12 string neck. it's a great feeling getting that string up to tune without it breaking.
Interestingly enough, even though I tend to play pretty hard, I've only ever broken one string. It was either the G or B string, and it was while tuning, when I first started playing (I was tightening the wrong string).
None on my eclipse (i replace them to frequently cause of excessive playing).
But on my F-250, the A string...****in thing eats them like no other.
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I don't break strings often, However I went through seven High Es after I put on my Stetsbar tremolo on my Tele because I didn't have the trem set up. They stoped breaking once I set it up. The last time I broke a string while playing a song was before this, Playing Love Buzz. I broke the B but kept playing.
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I haven't broken a string in about 5 years. Before that it was usually my low E giving up the ghost be snapping and uncoiling.
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I've never broken a string.
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My G, B, and High E strings last WAY longer than all of my lower three. No idea why, and my low E tends to break the most often. But it's not like it's constant, it's more or less every month give or take.
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Only broken one string ever- high E.
It was 8 months old and I did a bend that was 2 whole steps up. It just snapped.

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I break the high e the most. And to all you people who have never broken a string, how?
I've probably broken every string at least twice! And the high e loads of times. I even broke a double bass string once.

I don't actually break strings as much as I used to now though.
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I've broken my high e twice. Nothing more. Oh wait, i broken the a string aswell. Not a big loss though, the strings were old.
High E. It's the hardest to bend for some reason, so I try to bend it as high as I can bend the others.

Not good.
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Low E

Those whammy dives don't do it any good in the long run.
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