Hi guys/gals, first post in a long time, i know there are probably a lot of threads like this but ive tralled through them and cant really find what im looking for.

I love vai, satch and paul gilberts music but i find it a bit of a struggle to play (im at a level where i can play the first 3 mins of for the love of god)

Other band i hear on the radio, i can pretty much play with ease...so my question is....

Can you suggest any songs in the middle? Something thats taxing but not stupidly hard?

Thanks for any help in advance!!!
satch tunes - surfing with the alien, revelation, always with you,always with me,super collosall,crowd chant,ten words.

vai tunes - liberty, answers, attitude song, the rest of FTLOG, bangkok, sisters

i`m not a fan of gilbert (appreciate his playing skills but don`t like his tone)
For Gilbert, alot of his stuff is really up there, but you could try some stuff from his band Racer X.

Technical Difficulties isn't so bad.