Hey all,

I realy need some help with putting a demo together..

Perhaps demo is not the right term, but i need something decent to send to bands that i want to join.

I have 2 that i am hoping to apply for, but i am stuck for ideas on what to send...

Iv never had to do this before, and unfortunately there aren't live auditions.

I was thinking something like:

Cover - Maybe an Ozzy tune and a van halen song?
Acoustic track or something chord based
Either some famous solo's or something original, but a lead based track

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


you could play one of the band's songs but add a lil something to it. or just one of your favourite songs of the same style as the band you want to join. just get some of your playing style across in the recording to distinguish yourself from other applicants. crazy train solo is cool, maybe make up a short acoustic song. (anything too long might bore them)
When I'm "applying" for a band, I go to their myspace and spend a day learning one of their tunes perfectly. If possible, I make it better.

Most of the time they are shocked that I spent that much time learning their song. They love it!
Maybe you should get in contact with the band and see what they would like to see, after all, they will need to see that you fulfill their needs. This is probably what I would do, but if not you could just learn some of their material, or write a song in their style that you think they would like.