Hey everyone,

I am looking to cut down on my gear and am selling my transparent red Jackson DKMG Dinky for £350 including delivery.

It was bought a couple of years ago to be used as a backup for my main guitar - it has been used, but not extensively, and is still in almost perfect condition.

Has 24 frets, EMG actives (81/85), and the usual DKMG stuff.
Here is a link to a site selling one, with the spec: http://www.dolphinmusic.co.uk/product/11925-jackson-dkmg-dinky-black-forrest-.html/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=shopping&utm_campaign=base

The only blemish to it is a tiny scratch (smaller than a fingernail) on the reverse - i tried to take a pic but it was too small to come out clearly. Hardly worth mentioning, but i wouldn't want to sell and then get a complaint about it!

I'm not desperate to sell, so the price won't be coming down by much, though of course i'll consider any offers. I'm only looking for cash, no trades, and only want to sell to within the UK. I can accept paypal and cheque payments.

I've sold on here before and am on the good sellers list.

Now to the pics:

If you have any questions please ask on here or by PM, and thanks for looking!

I also have a Boss ME-50 multi-effects pedal for sale - link with pics is here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1192569

good price ... free bump...

i love trans red guitars but savin up for my future DBZ

wish you good luck with the sell
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Free bump, looks like a kick ass guitar. Shame I'm saving up for a new amp and a Tremonti Wah :-/
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Free bump, looks like a kick ass guitar. Shame I'm saving up for a new amp and a Tremonti Wah :-/

Thanks for the bump bud, i was getting a bit lonely in here
Yeah, it is a very nice guitar...pity more people aren't thinking the same!

Good luck with the saving!
yeah my mate henry is right, awesome guitar, but cant afford one (cries)
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im interested because this the exact guitar ive been wanting for a while
how much is this is US dollars if u ship to america?
hey mate u ok ? u can find it in usa and its more cheaper over there...
Been a while, but bump.
Guitar is still available, i did reply to a PM enquiry from someone but didn't hear anything back.

As for the posts above, don't really want to ship outside of the UK, and like d3thmark said i'm sure you would be able to find it cheaper in the US somewhere. Thanks for looking though.

So yes, BUMP!
where in the uk are you? theres no way id ever pay to ship a guitar, collection only- but i am seriously interested in this.
Bump I would love it but I'm looking for the exact same type of guitar,but with a fixed bridge and passives.