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what trucks and bearings are included?

That's not specified, but it was made with all birdhouse parts.
Not to be a prick, but perhaps a skateboard oriented forum would have better answers.
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http://www.warehouseskateboards.com/product.asp?item=1CBIHBIRCR75001&class=1C&brand=BIH a little more but thats not the point this site has the specs

its 7 ply thick so its gunna be pretty heave not bad though
Abec 5 Performance Not great but not a big deal ether never used them I always use china bones or luckys
Trucks: Heat Treated Die Cast Aluminum Birdhouse so they should be pretty light

never skated any of tony hawks stuff so can't really say on build quality...
But hey it is tony hawk right.

Amazon is like 5 dollars more but I mean I have never heard of BH and everyones heard of Amazon.

and some place I've never heard of has it for 10 dollars cheaper

EDIT: After looking at the website skateboards.com they look legit man.
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your link is broken blitzkrieg

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birdhouse makes good boards. the wheels and trucks might be on the crappy side