So i run through a epi vj with a ds-1 for my distortion (and i use an od, comp, and noise gate, etc.) and I also have a 200 watt raven combo, which i thought sucked so i never played it. just for kicks i plugged straight into that thing, the cleans ****ing ripped! and aside from a bit of lack of presence my gain wasnt to bad either it had a nice tight, deep low end. Now im not great but im no noob It still wasnt amazing at all but i mean, i use to own a carvin v3 and i have a decent ear for tone and everything (been playing for 4 years) Idk though im kinda pissed am really just tone deaf? Is this amp really not horrible? Did i waste my money picking up my vj and ds-1 instead of just jammin on my raven? Im freaking out for some weird reason
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Its not nice to say retarded...

But seriously you might just be bored of the sound of your Vj. I find it nice to go to music stores just to play on amps I dont own just to see how they play... sometimes its not worth it sometimes I wish I had the amp...

I have this really crappy starter pack Ion 15 watt amp, it sounded terrible so i got a vox ad15vt then a 6505+, and about a week ago I played on the Ion starter amp... it sounded better and it was nice to hear myself play with better technique through the amp I started on.
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The thing with the Valve Junior is that it's really not that great of an amp, either...
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The thing with the Valve Junior is that it's really not that great of an amp, either...

It's that damned 8" speaker.
What is with the whole "I was playing on this super00ber1337 rig and then I tried out my friends/my <generic practice amp here> and it was br00tz!" today? I've read three threads on it so far. It's probably just different. When you don't play something for ages and then plug into it again you get what I like to call the second gear honeymoon; it's like renewing your vows or something. The novelty will wear off again.
I get the same thing every time I go back to my Fender Performer 100 after a few weeks. It sounds killer for about half an hour, then that wears off and I'm back to my Blackstar...
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Because when you use something for months you notice its flaws and when you use after not using it for a while you don't notice all the flaws
Used to use a Kustom SS amp and grew to hate it. It wasn't as bad as I thought when I was bored and plugged into one again. It sounded smoother and more expressive. Ironically, an older gentleman uses one onstage and gets decent tone. I still wouldn't go back though. It makes one think twice about amp hopping. Sometimes it's better to save up and be patient.
Well decent cleans on a SS amp is not a big discovery. The roland jazz chorus is well known for its cleans its been in production for close to 30 years due to that fact. A stock epi vjr doesnt have the greatest tube tone. Im sure the dirt channel on the raven isnt much to brag about tho. Or if you tried to crank the ravens clean channel till it clipped then it wouldnt sound so good.
I agree with everyone else.
My Engl started to sound samey, and so I bought a distortion pedal for my VJ/2x10 combo and I thought it sounded awesome. Then the next week at practice I cranked up my Engl again and it was bliss. It's just part of developing your ear, and actually being able to hear yourself get better.

Quite a good feeling, I thought.
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