hello guys,
my friend wants to learn bass and wanted to buy one in the next few days,he listens to classic rock,hard rock and rock n roll and a lil bit of modern stuff but hes no metal head
so i just wanted to hear your suggestions

something with a great tone suitable for the genres mentioned above in the price range of 400-600$ new

i was think fender...
thank you
i'd check out an esp/ltd viper bass. its 300 bucks it plays like a 1000+ instrument.
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Squier Vintage Modified or Classic Vibe jazz bass. Easily the best basses around that price.


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If you're buying from Musician's Friend, then as long as you stay away from Epiphone, B.C. Rich, and Dean, pretty much anything you buy will be just fine. Ibanez and Fender/Squier are definitely the most popular brands, but they're by no means the only good ones.

Make sure to check your local store(s) as well...it's nice to be able to try a bass before you buy it.
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Ibanez and Fender/Squier are always solid choices, but I'd also recommend checking out Traben, maybe Warwick Rockbass
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ibanez SR300m, fender p bass. just look on musicians friend

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